Au Pair Driving Instruction

Ensuring the safety of your family

For Au Pairs and families looking to hire an Au Pair, nanny, babysitter or other childcare professional, a natural concern is ensuring that the caregivers are licensed to operate a vehicle in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and that they drive with caution. At Blue Bell Driving School, we have a long history of helping folks from other countries learn the rules of the road here in Pennsylvania. Our goal is always to provide instruction that meets and exceeds the standards set forth by PennDOT, with special attention paid to unique challenges that comes with a seasoned driver who may have to unlearn some road rules or a new driver who may have difficulties with written English or conventional driving norms in the US. These may sound like significant hurdles, and that is because they are! This is why the instructors at Blue Bell Driving School are trusted by Au Pairs from all over the world as well as the families who trust them with the care of children.

Au Pairs Getting Licensed to Drive in Pennsylvania

Not all families require driving as part of their Au Pair’s duties, but many Philadelphia-area families are looking for Au Pairs that have driving experience and are willing to get licensed in Pennsylvania. Even if a driver has an international license, most families prefer an Au Pair test for the PA driver’s license as it makes the car insurance process much easier and less costly. Au Pairs are part of the family and host families generally want to do whatever is possible to ensure that the experience will be a fantastic one for the Au Pair as well as the host family’s kids. So, it is not uncommon for Au Pairs to have access to the family vehicle or even their own Au Pair vehicle during their stay with the family. However, families that offer access to a vehicle often want to know that the driver is licensed and can be trusted to safely navigate roads in the Philadelphia area.

Instruction and Testing

Blue Bell Driving School offers top notch driving instruction packages for Au Pairs and other childcare providers who are looking to obtain a Pennsylvania Drivers License. Through our instruction, drivers learn how to negotiate common traffic patterns and rules of the road that may be unfamiliar to those from countries such Germany, France and Brazil and so on. Your Blue Bell Driving School instructor will offer patience and guidance so that you can gain confidence behind the wheel as you learn safe skills in operating a motor vehicle here in the US. In addition to driving lessons and test preparation, Blue Bell Driving School is also a PennDOT Certified Third Party Testing Center for drivers who require license testing in the State of Pennsylvania. This means you can test where you train!

Peace of Mind for Families

The needs of each family are different. Some families opt to take in a live-in Au Pair while others depend on a nanny or babysitter for childcare help. Regardless, we inevitably put a lot of faith in the decision-making skills of folks in their teens and early twenties to keep our kids safe. Blue Bell Driving School is here to help. Some families opt to pay for lessons and testing for Au Pairs, while others rely on our instructors to conduct a 2-Hour Driving Observation.

Driving Observation

What is the Blue Bell Driving School Driving Observation?

During this assessment, we take a driver through a 25-point checklist to evaluate their capacity to successfully operate a vehicle according to PennDOT code as well as our own standards of safety. We look for elements including the following:

Does the driver use turn signals for turns and lane changes?

Does the driver keep both hands on the steering wheel?

Does the driver bring the vehicle to a gradual, full stop before a stop sign?

What we provide to families are the results and any recommendations regarding the assessment. Having the facts puts families in a position to make evidence-based decisions regarding the safety of children.

Let’s Get Started Together

Whether you are an Au Pair or a parent interested in ensuring the safety of your kids and their caregiver, please do not hesitate to reach out to us regarding lessons, testing and assessment. We are here ready to best tailor instruction and observation to fit your needs today.

Learn to Drive with Blue Bell Driving School

Get your teen the best instruction available! Refresh your own skills or schedule an evaluation for an employee or Au Pair.  If you're an older driver, reinforce your driving abilities to boost your confidence. We can even apply on your behalf for a dual control learners permit from PENNDOT.

We also provide certification upon completion of the various programs we offer. These certificates may be submitted to insurance companies for premium discounts. Drivers taking an evaluation course will also receive a copy of the evaluation upon completion.

Driving Lessons

Students will learn from our professional instructors, with lessons customized to his or her needs. Our 6 hour driver education course will get you a certificate of completion that you may present to your insurance company for possible premium discount.

Parallel Parking

Parallel Parking is the number one thing that new drivers get the most anxious about. It is also the most feared part of the driver’s test. We understand how important it is for new drivers to be comfortable while learning to drive with confidence.

Test Preparation

Students often add a lesson close to their test time for added confidence. The instructor will go over everything the student needs to know before taking their test. Some practice practice may even be permitted at the actual test site.

Day of Test Service

Day of Test Service helps minimize the stress that comes with test day. We will schedule the driver’s test for you in as little as two days. Your test will be scheduled in the earliest and most convenient available time slot!

Driving Evaluations

Driving Evaluations are used for many different reasons. Employers or parents hiring an au pair or nanny. A driver that hasn’t driven in a while can ask to have them done to see where they stand and if they need improvement.

30 Hour Online Theory

Blue Bell Driving School has partnered with Aceable Drivers Education for our state-of-the art, state-licensed teen drivers education course. Aceable has made it easy for young drivers to enroll in a 30 Hour Online Theory Course.