Blue Bell Driving School is excited to offer a full service experience to new drivers who are looking for the greatest opportunity for success as they test for their Pennsylvania drivers license. Our Day of Test Service helps minimize the stress that comes with test day. Let’s be honest, we all know what test anxiety feels like. At Blue Bell Driving School, we spend a tremendous amount of time preparing students to pass their drivers tests by practicing safe driving skills and awareness on the road. And for those new drivers, who need it, we will make ourselves available even on Test Day!

Blue Bell Driving School will schedule the driver’s test for you or your young driver. No need to wake up super early in the morning, or guess about the soonest available test date. Our relationships with test centers  enable us to schedule your test in the earliest and most convenient available time slot! On the day of the test, the instructor will pick you up an hour before the scheduled test time, and get you to the test in the car you will test in. When you pass, we will wait for you to get your license and then take you home, school or back to work. THAT IS RIGHT; YOU WILL GO HOME WITH YOUR LICENSE IN YOUR HAND!.

To get started today, we ask that you complete and return our Test Scheduling Authorization Form.