Blue Bell Driving School is proud to announce that we are a PennDOT Certified Third Party Testing Center for drivers looking to schedule their Class C Non-Commercial Skills Test.

Take Your PA Driver’s Test with Blue Bell!

PennDOT has chosen to alleviate some of the long waits to schedule at its local testing centers by certifying driving schools and instructors like ours who have met their application and certification requirements. What this means for you or the new driver in your family is that Blue Bell Driving School is able to offer your easy, stress-free scheduling and testing in your qualifying vehicle or one provided by Blue Bell.

Pricing for Driving Test Options

Customer Vehicle
Just bring a PA registered class 2 vehicle. Must have current registration card, proof of insurance, current inspection and valid PA learners permit. Vehicle must be in roadworthy condition. Must arrive 15 minutes early for processing.

Blue Bell Vehicle $125                                                                                                                                 
Just bring valid PA learners permit and use a late model Blue Bell owned, inspected and insured vehicle. Must arrive 15 minutes early for processing.

Blue Bell Vehicle with BBDS Instructor
A Blue Bell Driving School instructor will meet you at our Plymouth Meeting location and perform a SIMPLE test preparation prior to your scheduled exam. (THIS IS NOT A DRIVING LESSON) Must arrive 15 minutes early for processing.

Student Door to Door in Blue Bell vehicle w/two-hour lesson (pickup two hours prior to test)
A Blue Bell Driving School instructor will come to pick you up two hours before and bring you to Plymouth Meeting to take your scheduled test. This option allows for anyone outside 30 minutes travel to Blue Bell Driving School; or anyone that would like some last-minute brush-up, right before the test. Must arrive 15 minutes early for processing.


We will stamp your permit the moment you pass. A stamped permit is legal to drive with for 120 days. Within 7-10 days of passing your driver’s exam, you will receive your camera card in the mail. Once you receive your camera card, you can walk into any PennDOT photo center and have your picture taken.
Blue Bell Driving School exams meet all the criteria that is required by the state of Pennsylvania.
If for some reason you are not successful with your exam, ages 18 and under you must wait seven (7) days to retest. If you are over age 18 we can retest in as few as two (2) days.
Yes. We even offer lessons on the same day as the driver’s exam if there are areas you need to have help with.
Yes. We offer different options for all Class C permit holders as long as there are no restrictions other than;

– A1 which requires the permit holder to wear corrective lenses.

You can bring your own vehicle, use one of our vehicles, or even schedule a lesson for right before your test. Call the office for more information on our options to find what will suit you best.
As long as you are eligible, we can schedule you in as soon as 48 hours to take the driver’s exam. Call for scheduling!
No, the test begins at our Plymouth meeting location, and conducted on roads local to the business.
If you are accompanied by a BBDS instructor and in a BBDS vehicle all you will need is your valid PA Learners Permit if you are over 18 years of age. Under 18, you will also need form DL-180c, signed by a legal guardian and notarized.

If not accompanied by a BBDS instructor, we offer the use of a vehicle for an additional fee.

If you are wanting to test in a vehicle other than a BBDS car, you must have a car with current inspection, valid registration and proof of insurance for this vehicle.

DO NOT LAMINATE YOUR PERMIT this will make it impossible to stamp when you pass.

You must arrive 15 minutes before scheduled time to handle check-in.