Blue Bell Driving School offers Driving Evaluations to private, corporate and municipal customers for many different reasons. Many of our clients are employers who request new employees pass an evaluation for  purposes related to screening or liability. We also have parents who might schedule a driving evaluation for a prospective au pair or a nanny who will be working in and outside of the home with children. We even serve drivers who have not driven in a while and request a driving evaluation to determine their fitness behind the wheel and/or opportunities for improvement.

Each evaluation is 2 hours long with the driving instructor. The instructor maintains a score card on key driving topics and the instructor will put the student through most or all of the different driving scenarios. Once the driving portion is complete the instructor will score the driver on a one-to-five basis, grading how they did in each area. The instructor will also provide notes on what they believe to be areas of praise or concern. Drivers and employers in the Philadelphia area in need of driving evaluation services need only to call our office to schedule an appointment with a qualified instructor today.