Everything You Need To Know About Online Driver’s Education Training

Driver’s Ed. used to consist of being in a classroom for hours on end being taught in a room full of students. Not anymore! With technology advancing and the convenience that it provides, more and more students and parents are choosing the online option. Not only is it much more convenient, it provides the student with the one on one learning that they need.


Blue Bell Driving School haspartnered with one of the best online drivers education course companies on the market. Aceable has a thorough breakdown of everything your teen needs to know. They were also one of the first companies to provide the 30 hour online theory course on an app for a smartphone or tablet!

The course is broken down into 20 sections. They each have slide shows, animations, and a mini quiz at the end of each section. There is also a final test at the end. Once they pass, Aceable will email their online certificate of completion. You can use that certificate with 6 hours of behind the wheel driver training to present it to your insurance company for a discount. Your teen may also use those to apply for a senior license 6 months early!

The other great benefit is that the course is completely around there schedule. Kids are so busy with school, homework, sports, and activities that it is so hard to add in another task for them to complete. The great thing about this course is that it is not timed, they can log in and out at their convenience, and take it with them on the go.